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How it works?
Simple concept. Subscribe to our mailing list and when we have new promo codes available we will send them out. Use the promo codes you like and don’t forget to give feedback and/or rate the apps and games. That’s all, enjoy!

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What is the process?
App and game creators get in touch with us (or the other way around) with promo codes for their latest creations. We then bundle them together and send them out for you to try!

What are the promo codes for?
They could be for any feature the developer choose to. Most of the times, it would be to remove ads or for a premium version of the app/game.

Is it really free?
Yes, it is! We only ask to give feedback to the developers. You can leave a review, rate the app or contact them directly.

What platforms do you support?
We love both iOS and Android. We support promo codes for Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

How often do you sent emails?
We hate spam as you do. We are sending out emails when we have enough apps/games to feature. Never more than 2 emails per month.
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